FPT University

Aug. 2022 - Current

I am a student majoring in Information Assurance with the dream of becoming a professional Cybersecurity Engineer.

THPT Van Lam

Aug. 2019 - May. 2022

General education

THCS Lac Dao

Aug. 2015 - May. 2019

Basic education


NewTricks (

May 25th, 2021 - Current

After nearly 5 years of developing blog Nguyen Minh Duc (my first personal blog), I decided to develop a new blog with a more community and professional name, which is NewTricks. True to its name, this blog I mainly share code, algorithms, logical thinking, documents related to programming, ...

Nguyen Minh Duc (

April. 2019 - May 28th, 2021

This is my first website official!



Sep. 2019 - Current

Web Platform

  • Developing responsive websites using CSS3, HTML5 and Javascript.
  • Developing Web-based & Cross-platform Applications.
  • Developing Google Chrome Extensions for a lot of purposes.
  • Developing websites with NodeJs, PHP or any languages support TCP/UDP.
  • Server build, setup, deploy, managing and maintaining.
  • Proficient in using .NET dependencies and building them


  • Custom logo design
  • Advertising banner design
  • Cover photo design


Sep. 2019 - Current




April. 2017 - Current

Programming Languages

  • C/C++/C#, Python, Java, HTML/CSS/Javascript, PHP, NodeJs

Database engine

  • MySQL, Google Firebase, MongoDB. (SQL & NoSQL).

Tools & Frameworks

  • Tools: Git, Visual Studio, Visual Code, Xcode, Photoshop CC, Illustrator, Premiere, Express.
  • Frameworks: Blogger, Framework7, ASP.NET, Wordpress, VueJs, ReactJs, Laravel, Angular, Django.


April. 2017 - Current